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Dear Ericka,

It’s May 15, Your 19th birthday.
I am sitting in a bus nr.3 - the one that goes from my house to the city center and then to my university, remember? Yes I am sitting here, in Riga, and you are stiting there – in Taipei. Funny that I have been there with you and you have been here with me. It's unique i think, and you know how even more weird it sounds if I add that you are from Honduras. I quite think that together we have the world. I don’t know if we even need all this crazy world because it seems enough to have our wonderful friendship, but no – we need the world because we always go beyond, we are explorers, challenge makers and acceptors and even more – we are artists with a loving soul.. 

I met you in a an elevator. Yes, this story is not a very common one. I remember the day I saw you with a couple of people, you were speaking Spanish, and the only thing that came up into my mind was – hmm Spanish, I know some. And then I said „Hola!” It kind of accepts that everything starts with one word, a simple one and then after a long-long time it appears to change for words „I love you”. Not in spanish, because in spanish that loving words are confusing. Te quiero, te amo? Que? Wo ai ni. 我愛你, Ericka, I will say it the way we both understand it. Es tevi mīlu, it would sound in Latvian. with the long Ī - like RĪGA (in the calm Latvian way haha)

So where the story goes? Yes. First we were just sometimes seeing each other and probably thinking: „That girl is cool!” I remember how  I thought (and still think the same) that you are the most kindhearted person I have ever know. Really. From that moment when you brought a cake for your classmate and became sad afterwards when he rejected it because it was not ok for his nationality/religion or something. I knew that then !and always! you try to do the best for the people. Your intentions come from your heart. Of course for those who deserve it. You have the biggest heart.<3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

We started to hang out when we both realized: „Well I like art but i don’t really want to visit all that cool art museums alone”. And then it started.. art museums, contemporary art museums (oh yes them!!) amaaazing lol. Coffee and cakes, class breaks, movie nights with the snacks from Honduras (sooo freaakin’ good), out goings, crazy hiking trips, yellow muddy ducks, boyfriend talks, money saving days and money spending days and a lot of laughing laughing laughing. 

High five. Now we have to accept our new boyfriends – universities. Because the human ones use to break our big-loving hearts. But you know its fine, because at least we can admit that if long-distance relationships doesn’t work, then a real long-distance friendship – does. I have this MIKA song  in my head now – we are young, we are strong, we are not looking for where we belong, we are not coll (yes, we are!), we are free and we are running with blood on our knees.Ha lol kidding, actually there is just one song for describing all this. Yes. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk! With a pink jacket ya!

Ericka you are so important to me that... well I have to tell you the truth.. I actually called to the airport and pushed them to cancel all the flights so you can stay for a day longer. Yeep. And you know – I love your sarcasm. That we can say that kind of  NOT SO KIND things and it’s like – meh cool.
THE MEAN THINGS hahahahaxaxaxaxax

Ericka, it was a pleasure to have you here – in my hometown. Due to the cold winter you felt for the first time, crazy snow in Sweden.. I found these 3 weeks the most warm ones I have ever had during the winter time. Remember London and that the dreams come true.. we have to dream big and reach higher. Its not a cliche, and I don’t mean that dreams always come true – but they make us to think wider, to make things to come true and to love. To truly love.


I hope that we meet some day soon, if not this summer then the next time! Remember: you are amazing, you are awesome, you should continue painting, writing, making others happy, staying positive, fulfilling every day with your wonderful ideas and smiling about the small things.
BE ERICKA! If I could I would send you tons of Karums, but.. what I wish you is to have a wonderful Birthday, survive this semester, enjoy the sun.. and then – spend a wonderful time in Europe and the place you love and call home. One of the most amazing countries in the world – Honduras. And I don’t say it because I have been there but because the most amazing girl I know comes from there. That country should be amazing.

And greetings from your Latvian family!
I scream ICE CREAM!
Lets keep in touch and keep our crazy craziness on the craziest level ever crazy possible,

- Inese

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